Free Grant List for Small Businesses

Grants aren’t just for nonprofit organizations! Your small for profit business can access grants too! Enter your contact details below to get immediate access to our FREE GRANT LIST!

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3 Reasons You Need This Funding Resource for Your Small Business

  1. Grants help with cash flow. With more cash on hand, you can have more flexibility to handle your daily operations.
  2. They don’t need to be paid back. Grants are FREE MONEY. It is yours to keep as long as you meet the required obligations.
  3. You don’t need a credit check. Grants are not a loan. You don’t have to worry about making regular payments nor climbing interest rates when you apply for any of the resources on our FREE GRANT LIST.

Why is this resource being given away?

The #1 reason small businesses fail is due to a lack of capital!

This site is owned and operated by Coach Niquenya – Master Business Coach & Life Skills Strategist. She specializes in transforming dreamers into successful entrepreneurs. After almost 25 years’ experience partnering with small business owners to help them find the fastest route to profit, Coach Niquenya realized that the common thread among her clients is low or no cash flow!

Grants are a great way to increase short-term cash flow in a business. Coach Niquenya is providing this FREE GRANT LIST to help small businesses get over the initial funding hump so they can focus their time and attention on profit -generating activities.

Download our FREE GRANT LIST to access grants and opportunities for your small business.

If you’re frustrated by the conflicting and inaccurate information you’ve found regarding grant money for a small business, then don’t worry. This site is your best resource for the most accurate and up to date data on how to successfully find grants and other financing opportunities to fund your small business. Make sure to grab your FREE GRANT LIST above!

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