About Coach Niquenya and Free Grant List

This site was developed especially for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs seeking grants and opportunities to fund your small business. This site was founded by Coach Niquenya to answer the #1 question her clients ask – how do I find grants to fund my business?

Everyone knows that the primary reason small business fail is due to a lack of capital.

Cash to business is like fuel to a car. You need to have enough in the tank to start the engine and you need to maintain enough in the tank to keep it running. Now the car (your business) will take you where you want to go. If you run out of gas cash on hand at any point along the way, well we all know what will happen.

Having low or no cash flow means…

  • You can’t grow your business.
  • You can’t pay yourself a livable wage.
  • You can’t hire help.
  • You can’t purchase software and equipment.
  • You can’t beef up inventory.
  • You can’t invest in advertising.
  • You can’t create the life you want to live.

This site helps small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs explore grants and other opportunities that can help your cash flow problem.

More on Coach Niquenya

Coach Niquenya is a Master Business Coach and Life Skills Strategist with almost 25 years’ experience specializing in transforming dreamers into successful entrepreneurs.

She specifically seeks out individuals with bigger-than-life visions who want to stop wasting time, monetize your talents, and finally generate the revenue your brilliant ideas truly deserve.

As a result of partnering with her, small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs get connected to your passion, purpose, people, and processes to propel you to profit faster than you ever could on your own.

For more information about Coach Niquenya and her small business support services including training, coaching, and consulting, please visit www.coachniquenya.com or join her FREE Facebook group here.